You know everything already. You know where you are going and who is going to be there when you arrive. You know about their quirks and motives and you know the place for its reputation and you’re in charge of yourself but there’s one thing out there that you don’t have locked down quite yet before you head out to make your big impression. What am I going to wear? From your toes to your nails you have absolutely an unlimited supply of ways to customize your appearance to send a direct message. Sending the right message is paramount for nearly any and all situations as it affects you very reputation.


Beyond your eyes and clothes the first thing you’ll send a powerful statement with is your nails. It can give the appearance of an open personality or retain something giving you more of a powerful and mysterious look. Taking it seriously even if the situation calls for a lighter tone still shares something about yourself and you want to make sure you’re sending the right message.


The way you customize yourself beyond just what people see immediately goes a long way for subtlety. A lasting impact can be made by having great hair, great clothes like jackets and hats for accessory, great shoes like what you can find on sale at Stuart Weitzman, earrings and so on that really bring someone together and deliver the sense of a whole person.


Everything you do and wear also draws the eye towards places you want them to go. Bringing attention to places you’ve spent the most time and effort or most money says a lot about who you are trying to represent as well as leading the eye away from places that don’t add to your character. A well manicured hand with eye catching polish gives a very clean sensation and following up with more accessories or less completes the look and starts the conversation.


Keep an eye out for what makes the way you feel inside represent you on the outside. Finding out who you are is the longest most rewarding experience of your life. Keep yourself in check and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

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