Marijuana, ecstasy, speed, heroinand cocaine the list of illegal drugs is long and the number of drug addicts is high. But even the legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine addict and damage the health. Most people who become addicted initially think they can stop consuming it at any moment. However, this becomes more and more difficult – the more often you take the drug. Anyone who nevertheless decides to live a drug-free life needs a strong will, because the withdrawal will be partly due to severe pain, gastrointestinal complaints, nausea and restlessnessaccompanied.

Not to mention the mental dependency, which must be treated in the same way and usually lasts longer than the physical dependence?

Different forms of withdrawal are possible, depending on the degree of dependency, the state of health and the needs of the patient. Herbal remedies and proven natural remediescan relieve the symptoms of withdrawal and support the process. To detoxify the liver milk thistle or artichoke leaves are recommended. Through a rinsing therapy with teas from nettles, goldenrod or orthosiphon, the kidneys are also freed from harmful substances. Even with anxiety or gastrointestinal complaints, the natural pharmacy can help. In the mental weaning of drug helps psychotherapy, it can motivate and also reveal the reasons of the addictive behavior. The california treatment center is essential there.


The most important step for the withdrawal is the firm will of the person concerned. Without the recognition that there is a dependency and that it has a destructive effect on life, the drug withdrawal is usually not through. The next step is the weaning of the body. Because of the sometimes very severe withdrawal symptoms, the detoxification belongs in professional hands. It makes sense that it takes place in the protected context of a stationary detoxification facility. It is quite normal to be afraid of withdrawal.

Easier dependencies with alcohol, nicotine and cannabis can of course also be treated on an outpatient basis.

Social therapists additionally support the “paper war” (mediation with offices, employers and insurance companies). When drugs rule life, the job is often lost. Integration aids in the form of vocational guidance or job application training, internships and job search assistance are therefore useful.In drug addiction, therefore, conventional medicine has priority. Naturopathy can help.

Medicinal plants

Protect and strengthen the liver

It is particularly important to support the metabolism and the detoxification in withdrawal symptoms: since the liver has a large share of the detoxification, one uses the hepatic metabolism activating medicinal plants.

  • Artichoke leaf extract
  • Extracts of milk thistle fruits (silymarin)
  • Soya phospholipids / lecithin

Especially the milk thistle is well-suited for the supportive treatment of toxic liver damage, hepatitis, fatty liver as well as indigestion with complaints in the upper abdomen.These preparations can be combined to promote bile flow.

Detoxification by the kidney in drug addiction

While the liver provides for the degradation of pollutants, the kidney detoxifies through the excretion. Teas provide a sufficient amount of fluid. Easier addictive diseases with nicotine and cannabis sometimes boost controllable addictions and thus have a certain chance of recovery.

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