Gastric Sleeve Life

It is very important for the patients to take the two weeks pre-surgery diet seriously. The diet is well planned in advance which helps the patients to cope with the changes in his / her body system after the surgery for the successful end results and with no complications. Quitting alcoholic drinks and smoking is also required.

Reasons For Pre Diet And Its Effects

The surgery is laparoscopically, a process where they make a 4 to 6 small incision around the stomach, the operation is monitored by cameras and the surgery performed in this small incision made. Due to the small incision, the recovery and healing are much faster.The main reason for the pre-diet is to reduce the weight of the liver, as for doing the surgery the liver must be made lighter so it could be easily lifted and the operation is done smoothly. Thus, the diet involvesIncrease in protein intake as the food is quite satisfying and the patient does not feel hungry.Decrease carbohydrate intake so that all the food is broken down into glucose and does not end up in the liver.

Post diet and its effects

The post diet aims to help the patients from healing and recovery of the operation. It is also important to take the diet seriously for the success of the operation and not to go back to the unhealthy lifestyle which forced the patient to undergo the surgery. To cope up with the changes in the body and the complications in the surgery, the patient has to follow a strict diet that is gastric sleeve life.The patient has to get used to eating less as in the gastric sleeve surgery most of the stomach removed and the stomach produces less ghrelin a hormone which signals you to eat. As per your habit you eat more, it will end up in stretching the stomach and the operation will be of no use. The food you should eat is

  • First week just liquids
  • Second week protein liquids like soups, watery food
  • Third week purees food like steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs
  • Fourth week soft but real food like fruits, vegetables, cereals
  • Fifth week real foods

Along with the diet, regular exercise is needed. Following this diet will enable you to achieve the success of this surgery.

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