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Dating websites have become very popular in the present scenario. Whether you are looking for a prospective partner or a casual hook-up, there is no dearth of options to choose from available at online platform.

Any website that allows communicating with people as an open platform is called a dating website. Normally all such websites require a sign up process that involves setting up a profile online which could be visible to others. Be it the most popular tinder or online kik, you need to register with the interface before you can begin chatting with people.

A Look into the Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is one such chatting platform that is high in the list of social platform available in internet today. The sign up process at kik prompts you to enter your information like educational background, age, Interest hobbies, books and music preferences etc. Based on these aspects, the application then finds a potential match for you and displays it through notification. In addition to chatting, you can share your video, pictures, music with your friends.


Popularity and Features of Kik Online

Being available for all mobile users, i.e. Android, IOS and Blackberry, it holds a whooping record of 240 million users registered with its database. However, like any potential chatting website the safety issues with use o kik cannot be overlooked. Recently, there were several incidents catering to child exploitation that happened as result of its use. Absence of stringent parental control mechanisms and safety features; it has been reported as an unsafe application for children and minors.

While Kik started as a messaging application that was intended to be used as means to message friends, it use for sexting has increased considerably. This is reason for growing concern that is affecting parents in United States about their kid’s security. With no age limitation parameter, more and more kids are going for this application

Is it worth using such messaging platforms?

It can be a totally personal decision when it comes to making use of messaging and dating applications. But the potential drawbacks and safety issues associated with their usage can also not be ignored. Instead of limiting oneself to these applications,one should always be open to meet new people and to take part in social gatherings which could provide greater opportunities of self-growth and enjoyment.

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